Publishers Weekly Reviews Mary Green

I can hardly speak for excitement! What could be more desirable for an author than a review in the most prestigious of literary publications of their upcoming novel? I shall tell you what is -  a GLOWING review in such a publication! Here is what they had to say (I did remove one small part because it included a spoiler, and I didn't want to give anything away unexpectedly, but you can read the whole review, spoiler and all, here):

"Kerr's heroine, Mary Green, delightfully combines Anne Shirley's naivety with Emma Woodhouse's strength of mind in a debut historical novel filled with the magic and romance of Cinderella. Mary, an orphaned ward of her uncle Sir Richard Hargreaves, decides on her 21st birthday to leave behind his Oxfordshire house along with her cousins' and aunt's air of superiority. ...[S]he sets off for a new life in London. Her quest to figure out who she is both biological and metaphorically is a joy. Kerr uses dialogue and colloquialisms that authentically evoke the Regency era. The cast of secondary characters—including Mary's quippy chaperone, Mrs. Burrows; the entitled but loveable Carrington sisters; the resourceful and talented dressmaker Graham; and the puzzling Ingles brothers—all help to draw readers into this fairy tale. Mary is so captivating that readers will readily suspend any disbelief to see her get to a happy ending."

Mary Green comes out on May 1, 2016. To get your hands on a copy, you can pre-order it using the following links, or ask for it at your local bookstore (Audrey's Books in Edmonton will have copies on the shelf). Available in limited edition hard cover or paperback, as well as eBook.

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